The European Diploma for Orthoptists

The European Diploma for Orthoptists

The European Diploma for Orthoptists was developed by an Erasmus+ funded project group. Its members were all Orthoptists working at institutions across Europe which offer an Orthoptic Programme. Involved in the development of EDORTH were also other members of the Education Committee of the OCE from another 4 European countries as well as experts from further countries in Europe. The aim of the project was to reach a common high standard of Orthoptic Education in Europe. The need to harmonise education was identified as a prerequisite to enable mobility of Orthoptists across Europe. Here you find all information about the project and the diploma: European Orthoptic Education Survey European Professional Competence Profil Launch Event EDORTH Learning plattform

In November 2022 and March 2023 4 candidates passed the exam and received the European Diploma for Orthoptists. Congratulations! 

The OCE Education Committee has asked their feedback about EDORTH and would like to share this statement:

“It was a great chance to evaluate my personal knowledge.” 

If you are inspired, look at our information leaflet to find out more about EDORTH. The next online exam is taking place on 3th of November 2023.

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